Paintings and prints

New and vintage art always available including original work by local artist Gavin Bird ( and UK based French artist, Soizik

  • Le Jardin a l'été -original watercolour by Soizik


Amazing Cathode designer clock

New and vintage wall clocks also in stock

Rotary Dial Telephones

Features include:

Last number re-dial, Hands free Speaker Dialling,

Mechanical Bell Ringing and Cloth Covered Handset Cord


Home Audio

  • 3 speed vinyl, CD, MP3 play/record and great FM stereo radio in compact and stylish retro cabinet. Boxed stock in all 3 colours (cream, red and black) usually available.

Home Fragrance by Illumens

  • Always in stock -a range of diffusers by Illumens


Restored vintage French chandelier

A selection of unique vintage angle poise lamps in various sizes and finishes

Leitmotiv table lamps in black, and white

New Leitmotiv twin shade floor lamps in white, olive green, blue and black

Stylish studio lamp in white

 Retro moon-age 3 lamp floor lamp

Wine glass chandelier from Holland